The Day Happiness Found Me

by Jenifer Jackson

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As you may already know, Jenifer Jackson has been writing quietly brilliant, eclectic songs for a long time. Maybe you discovered her, as I fortuituously did, around the time of her paradigm-shifting bossa/Beatlesque/psychedelic pop album Slowly Bright a few years back. Since then, she's explored country music, jazz, classic soul music and even garage rock, coloring those songs with her inimitably crystalline lyrics and that amazing voice. This new album, The Day That Happiness Found Me, I believe, is her best. It's her most intimate, and, maybe ironically, her deepest. We tend to associate depth with sadness, if only because that's what most people learn from. I think Jenifer is ahead of the curve because she goes so soulfully into the good times as well! The way she keeps you in suspense and then finally goes up and nails the crescendo of the Philly soul ballad Baby Did You Think That Love Would Find a Way; the hope that curves ever so distantly, yet memorably, around her phrasing in the folk-pop gem In Spring; and my favorite track here, Maybe, an existentialist rock masterpiece: she grabs the chorus and breaks free on so many levels that it's not possible to list them here.

The arrangements are spare and intimate as well, like a Jenifer Jackson concert in your living room. Her own imaginative guitar and keyboard work is complemented by the gorgeously melodic guitar and keys of Chris McQueen and Chris Jones on bass, with Hem's Jason Mercer adding his own signature four-string excellence on What Makes Love Stay - the great country hit that could give Miranda Lambert some real cred - and the quietly triumphant closing cut, The Beauty in the Emptying. That one's about cleaning out the clutter during a move from one town to another, just one example of how Jenifer can create real poetry out of a seemingly mundane task. I've been fortunate to able to see her play several times, although not as many as I would have liked. If you get the chance, I encourage you to do the same; in the meantime, this album will draw you in, reassure you and keep you reaching for the repeat button

- Alan Young, Lucid Culture, NYC, June 2011


released October 19, 2011



1.The Missing Time
3.Bring on the Night
4.What Makes Love Stay
5.Whispering Words
6.In Spring
7.Baby Did You Think That Love Could Find a Way
8.I Remember
10.The Beauty in the Emptying

all songs by Jenifer Jackson copyright 2011 Fancy Junior Music, BMI
Produced by Jenifer Jackson assisted by James Stevens


Jenifer Jackson : Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Rhodes, percussion
Chris McQueen : Guitar, vocals, Rhodes
Chris Jones : Upright bass
Jason Mercer : Upright bass on tracks 4 + 10

Recorded and Mixed at EAR, Austin, TX
Engineered by James Stevens, assisted by Kyle Ratcliff

Tracks 4. and 10. recorded also at Stoop Sale Recording, Brooklyn, NY
Engineered by Jason Mercer

Mastered at Yes Master, Nashville, TN by Jim Demain

Photo by Alex Carr
Drawings by JJ



all rights reserved


Jenifer Jackson Austin, Texas

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Track Name: The Missing Time
the missing time
is here again
replacing the softness
of your kiss
a cold wind blows
through hollow nights
without the warmth
of your caress
autumn descends
though summer lingers on some days
i keep missing your sweet voice
and everything
Track Name: Groundward
oh to dream again
all the love that i could ever feel
Track Name: Bring on the Night
do you know what i'm thinking about
does my love come through
in the evening when the daylight fades
and grey fills in the blue
do you know what's inside of my heart
does it ring out true
when people start hurrying home
after the day is through
Track Name: Whispering Words
don't make me wait
for the waiting
makes my heart break
whispering words
Track Name: Baby Did You Think that Love Could Find a Way
living in a world of confusion
are we winning or are we losing
i just don't know
'til i look back
and see
Track Name: I Remember
my dear,
it's been so long. i can barely recall the words to your song. but the sound and the melody vibrate all around me and i feel your touch again, and i remember.
Track Name: Maybe
a distant rumble in the sky
a big plane passing by
coming and going and moving around
i stopped here for a while
to listen to the sound
i stopped here for a while
to feel the ground
but now i'm missing
everything i had before i found that
maybe this is as much sence as life will ever make