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Texas Sunrise

by Jenifer Jackson

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Texas Sunrise When new green covers all the trees I smile When flowers flaunt their petals to the bees all the while even if i never find my one true love in this life at least i feel the love of spring under the sunlight the squirrel up in the branches so true running across the treetops high above the darkening blue even if i never find my one true love tonight at least i feel the love of all the living things under the moonlight even if i never find my one true love behind your blue blue eyes at least i feel it in my heart looking out upon the Texas Sunrise
Heart With a Mind of Its Own What can you do with a Heart With a Mind of Its Own all my friends tell me you’re no good for me the sadness and sorrow tell me why can’t i see my teardrops keep fallin from a place unknown What can you do with a Heart With a Mind of Its Own when i found my true love everything came to life the stillness of morning to the slience of night but our good intentions paved a pathway of stone straight to the heart with a mind of its own a heart that beats a heart that speaks a heart that knows mystery a heart that believes a heart that grieves for a love that was reasoned away these days i’m traveling hoping to find a place in the middle between heart and mind and i can hear echos from a place unknown listening to a heart with a mind of its own
All Around 03:18
All Around if you’re collecting words and thoughts to write a winter song walk down to the northern beach with shadows low and long November’s sea is deepest blue ocean foam shines silver the brightest words come from the heart be sure that you remember one bird hovers high above and one walks on the ground and everything you need is all around when walking under southern skies as january’s ending the southern sun is burning down upon the hey fields bending if dark clouds start obscuring all the dreams you were hoping keep that light on in your heart for soon the sky will open
Paint it Gold how ma’am how ya doing dear well i been staying too busy over here do you wanna play a show duo or trio giddy up and go Paint it Gold that’s what you said put Golden hair on a golden head in your eyes there’s a golden light that gets me through the scary night all you are is everything i see so paint it gold for me Paint it Gold to unlock the key your golden voice sings a golden melody reflections of your golden light give me strength and a steady might all you are is everything i see so paint it gold for me when the story in your head turns old turn the page and paint it gold when the darkness falls with nights so cold light it up and paint it gold paint it gold paint it gold for you and me your golden strings strum my raphsody in the sweetness of your song i feel like gold all day long wouldn’t trade all the gold in the world for you cuz you’re golden through and through
Easy to Live 04:17
Easy to Live Your eyes look of love far away and right up close i wanna know i wanna know your voice talk of love things to pass and things to come i wanna know i wanna know how easy to give how easy to live highway miles and miles one straight line one endless line i wanna know i wanna know moonlight through the trees summer night warm warm breeze i wanna know i wanna know how easy to give how easy to live inside the way you feel cutting through to what is real i wanna know i wanna know how easy to give how easy to live
In Summer 02:45
In Summer Summer babies love the sun and all the shining things that come and when the clouds turn skies to grey summer babies cry birds fly low on shadow lawn foxes cross when evening comes and all the nighttime sounds you hear moving in the trees and when the burning sun is gone the constant sea gos on and on tangled vines on verdant trees closing in a gallery that overruns the winding path that opens to the sea
i don’t mind what month you say i like the picture of May wildflowers against a field of green footpath that lead into a dream the wildest sky i’d ever seen i will recall the picture of May music without a melody secret that you revealed to me never yet it will always be here in my heart the picture of May somewhere in the distance lies a boat upon the shore just a tiny speck of red but i can’t focus anymore the muddy river bends i know i’ve seen this place before perhaps inside the picture of May i will recall the picture of May
On My Mind 02:28
On My Mind rain rain rain it rained so hard all through the night and all through the afternoon the sky began to clear i walked down to the creek to watch the water flow up to the west the sky was lit up bright and the dark clouds turned to gold down to the east the colors were on fire all this to say that you were on my mind i try to fight the feeling but it comes on way too strong i tell my heart to reason but it beats out like a song we used to sing i can’t do a thing since you been on my mind
The Ballad of Time Gone By Your hand in mine the look in your big eyes so true and so clear it opened my heart every time you were near the Ballad of Time Gone By the Ballad of Time Gone By it’s useless to wonder or ask yourself why it’s just the way time unravels and flies and changes the shape of the sand and the wind the ballad of things that have been in dreams you are here with me once again sweet and warm your soft breath and the smell of your skin and during the day i pretend the secrets i keep around in my head before i fall to sleep i know you know it’s unspoken and deep the hold that we have spans the earth and the sky The Ballad of Time Gone By
Sad Teardrops By the Time you figure out you really want me I’ll have already closed the door to my heart By the time you figure out you really love me i’ll be on my way and your sad teardrops will start you been turning me in circles since we started and you say it’s oh so hard to make up your mind well i’m feeling tired of living so downhearted think i’ll take a spin around and see what i find flowers die without rain and fires turn to ash again when they’re deprived of O2 it happens all the time By the time you figure out you really love me i’ll be on my way and your sad teardrops will start
White Medicine Cloud have you ever felt the power of a storm when the rolling thunder rumbles and the colors of the sky begin to change the wind starts whipping around across the dark horizon blowing everything up off the range WMC what is world we’re living in where hatred fills the hearts of men and people stand divided by fear what is this war we’re killing for can’t we feel love anymore when it’s the only thing that makes life real? WMC On a night like this a little soul was born different from the rest still they kept him warm WMC
When Evening Light is Low Shades of green grow darker still as they near the ground evening breeze begins to blow to sway the trees around that’s the time i want you near when evening light is low the sun that burns so hot by day burns slow on its decline turns the trees to sihlouette and sky to red as wine somewhere far away from here the waves crash on the sand seabirds circle all around then dive down to the land


... and the Texas Gentlemen!


released March 15, 2014

jenifer jackson :  vocals, guitar, piano, percussion
kullen fuchs :      vocals, vibraphone, accordion, horns, recorder, piano
tony rogers :       cello, vocals
chris mcqueen :  vocals, guitar, ukulele
phil spencer   :    upright bass
ron erwin       :    drums, percussion
chris meitus :      mandolin

recorded by : darwin smith, robert harrison, tony rogers, kullen fuchs and chris mcqueen in austin, texas at charlie faye's house, the star apple' kingdom's woods, tony roger's old house, the karhole, and chris mcqueen's house . 

mixed at chris mcqueen's by 2014 Grammy Award WInner chris mcqueen (YAY!) and jenifer jackson

all songs by jj Fancy Junior Music BMI
heart with a mind of its own by jj + dickie lee erwin
paint it gold and white medicine cloud  by jj + kullen fuchs

photos: mark lee
graphics: tony rogers + jenifer jackson


all rights reserved



Jenifer Jackson Austin, Texas

Jenifer Jackson is an American songwriter, singer and guitarist known for crafting intimate, understated pop songs. She embraces elements of old fashioned country, bossa nova, and folk in her writing and singing, and always with great soulfulness.

"I write about interactions with life, love, nature, time, loss and longing. "
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